Monday, 21 September 2009

Fashion Cut - Eyebrows

Petrilude: Eyebrows.

We here at Fashion Cut love 'Petrilude' (Josh) and his tutorials on Youtube! Check out this video on how to shape and fill in your eyebrows!

"A guy doing make-up? Crazy sauce, right!?"

- "Fashion Cut" Team

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Fashion Cut - Cheryl Cole Inspired Look

Cheryl Cole's Favourite Mac Colours: Inspired Look.

"This is a video of a simple look using M.A.C.'s Tan and Chocolate Brown pigments. I went to my local counter and chose those colours and the girls told me that they are Cheryl's fave colours and since she is a local girl she has probably shopped at that counter and there is truth to the rumour! So I wanted to do a video on it."

- "Fashion Cut" Team

Fashion Cut - Rebecca Nayak

Rebecca Nayak.

Model and friend of our very own Melika Kaffash, Rebecca Nayak is the latest to join the Fashion Cut Team. Rebecca was a contestant in 'Miss Sunderland' earlier this year!

Keep an eye for posts selected from Melika and Rebecca's Diary, follow them as they meet different photographers and investigate people's style.

- "Fashion Cut" Team