Saturday, 29 August 2009

Fashion Cut - Distort Creations

Distort Creations.

‘Distort Creations’ is a growing collection of images created by 20 year old MUA and Photographer Gayna Millican. Starting out as just a love for make-up Gayna expanded her skills by offering them to friends and family for special occasions and getting work experiences assisting on T.V sets. However her love for SFX make-up didn’t bring many requests for those special days. So she decided to delve into the world of still images.

Gayna began creating scenes and designing make-up herself, occasionally even modelling in some of the pieces. She tells us that she didn't feel pushed to her creative potential with just make-up artistry - so she picked up the camera for herself! That's right, Gayna does all of her own make-up and photography!

Gayna says; “I’ve had idea’s and visions since I was young, from pictures, to music video’s, to sitcom scripts. However now I feel this is the time for me to learn the skills I need in order to make those visions a reality. I’m starting off with still images, so I can take it a step at a time, but hopefully one day I will produce all of my ideas into visual art by various mediums.”

Check out some of Gayna’s work by adding her Facebook page, and remember you heard it here first!

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