Friday, 9 October 2009

Fashion Cut - John Bell Interview

Melika & Rebecca Diary: Interview with John Bell.

Fashion Cut sent out Melika and Rebecca to talk to photographer John Bell. What with Rebecca rolling up and hour and a half late, and Melika suddenly realising that she needed a fake tan - we were wondering if this interview was destined to happen...

Melika: So, John what sparked your interest in photography?
John Bell: First of all I would like to say if your business life is going to be successful, you are going to have to learn to watch the CLOCK! But back to the question - it was just something that happened....when I was sixteen I started taking photos. I was really going for printing and developing those days. I used to buy a roll of film and after dark take it out the camera and do the process of chemical development after that you cut negatives into individual pieces and printed.

Melika: Do you take many photos of guys?
John Bell: I worked with a couple of guys but I don’t really have much idea of how to make them look good....I would much rather work with beautiful ladies such as yourselves though.
Rebecca: Awww!

Rebecca: Which model would you love to photograph?
John Bell: I would love to work with Lisa Snowden she is gorgeous; she’s got an expressive face.

Rebecca: What qualities make a good photo shoot do you think?
John Bell: The key to good photos is expression. Acting, showing all different sides to your personality with your face, mouth, eyes and lips tell a story.

Melika: What do you think of Facebook as a show case for photos these days?
John Bell: Face book is abused! You get a lot of junk! People put a lot of photos which are unnecessary.
Melika: Oh dear... that sounds like me and Becky! Haha!

Rebecca: What is the most important feature to focus on in a photo?
John Bell: The eyes!

- "Fashion Cut" Team

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